Our Mission

Our mission is to tailor for each client a beautiful, functional and enduring outdoor environment that will provide a place of serenity for friends and family to appreciate for years to come.

BUILDCAL landscape Company offers a proven track record of creativity, quality landscape design, construction and maintenance. We believe that every single home owner deserves the best in landscape design/build and maintenance.

Years of experience in landscape design and installation industry gave us the unique opportunity to deal with all types of projects, whether or not is a small walkway or a complete backyard. We strongly believe in water conservation, therefore we design and install our entire projects keeping conservation our top priority

  • What do we do

    We bring art and elegance to the landscape in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We are a full service landscape design, installation, and maintenance company that works one-on-one with you to transform your exterior needs into a beautiful, personalized sanctuary, while providing you peace of mind throughout the process.

  • Why Choose Us

    BUILDCAL LANDSCAPE can reduce plant’s need of water significantly by selecting and planting the correct type of plant based on the hydro zone of each plant.

    Most landscape companies handle only the smaller jobs. We'll take on any size task, including a complete redesign of your yard.

    Our hardscape services are second to none, as our team can help you with any of your decorative needs, including installing walkways, patios, steps - even driveways.

    We will completely remodel and revitalize your yard, and focus our efforts on ensuring that the final product perfectly matches the decor of your home

  • Get Your Weekends Back Again

    Your home is designed to be a place of comfort and beauty - a place for you to come after a long day of work and feel pride of what you've accomplished. Your lawn plays a big role in that comfort. Your yard should be a source of aesthetic beauty, not a reminder that you are behind in your lawn care.

Meet the Business Owner

Arin D.

Arin D. is a licensed landscape contractor with the California State License Board.

Prior to starting the company, Arin D. studied landscape architecture at California State Poly Technic University, Pomona where he learned the advanced and innovative techniques of designing and offering solutions for landscape problems in small and large scale projects which both aesthetically and logically functions

Please don’t hesitate to contact us contact us if you have any questions